As we try our best so that you don’t suffer to pass through any type of inconvenience. So, that’s why our buyers are happy after using our services but due to any kind of trouble. Here are the details about our refunding policy are as follows after reading these you come to know how this works for you.

Communicate with our supporting team

You simply have to sent an e-mail to our team regarding to the problems you are saving. After this the team try their best in order to make satisfy by resolving your issues. If there is real problem founded then we assure you to refund full or either partial payment.


During the time period when you are utilizing our service’s but you see the dropping of views / likes or either no. of followers then in such a case will not refund but when you communicate with our team regarding to these issues. We definitely give retention without taking any extra payment from you. However, limitations / conditions apply. We are committed to providing the consumer’s basic rights to our buyers.

In which cases you won't get refund

  • If you show any kind of rudeness or misbehave with our supporting team. Then you might be ignored.
  • If you saw a downfall in the views / likes / followers without any extra charges we will refill it.
  • If you made a charge back case through pay pal using your companies credit card.
  • If any kind of content removed / loses by social networking. (This is in controllable sometimes).
  • If you violate any user’s Guidelines of Instagram community.

Partial / full refunding

  • In case of confusion due to which the delivery process not started.
  • Due to any trouble / issues regarding to system.

Gurantee of satisfaction.

Always the refunding policy is not provided however within the time Period of seven days you find any kind of problem or not satisfied you inform us. We will gonna surely make all kind of tries in order to make you satisfy with services. We feel proud for providing high quality online marketing services.


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