Each and every service or product provided by us carries a system that is fully secured and we never compromise on your privacy. Our privacy helps you to clear that how we take into the data from our website that is sent by you. Kindly read out properly before using our services. It will be beneficial for clearing out any confusions.

Information for claimed identification.

By various ways the information about our buyers are collected as due to ;your registration on our website , while you put information for placing order , when you fill our forms. For this purpose you need to give us information about you in which your contact no , e-mail , CNIC card’s details included. We need your these basic details for reaching to you. In this regard your details surely not be sharing with any third party but any kind of detail published by yourself in this we are not responsible for this.

Usage of your information.

For making improvements & enhancement of our service’s we uses the collected data from you. We uses this for the purpose to inform you through your provided data to send regarding to your service that is purchased by you , about transactions, for replying requests from our customers regarding services. This will be beneficial for you in order to easily go through about the status of currently used service .

Protection of Data

We make all the possible preventing measures for securing the person data for any kind of unknowns accesses. However you details saved on the web page but any conversation with you are encrypted.

Site Cookies

For providing you with our best services & for enhancing the features of site we are using the cookies. They help in allowing to track the reviews , detail’s , contact service , and for keeping a record by our owners. There is also an option for denying that is carried out by changing in the  setting of your browser. But if you don’t allow this then you may be unable to use some features of our website.

Changes In 0ur Privacy Policy.

We reserve to keep a right for changeability in privacy policy in case of making some kind of Changing  or also in oder  to update it. Because with passage of time there is a need to increase features if these are helpful for providing you trustful and easily reach of servicing to you.

Your Affiliation

You must needed to be our terms and policies agreement before making use of our service  and this is necessory in order to keep a contact with us but in case , you don’t agree with our basic terms and with our conditions you can also disagree with this or can avoid our website usage.

Details for Contact

In case if you wanna ask any query regarding to terms & the conditions , or either about our servicing details you can communicate with us through our provided e-mail or either via customer support. You can easily reflect any confusions regarding a problem by communicating with us.


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